Meet the Staff & Elders: David Fairchild

Where did you grow up? Where did you go to school and what did you study? Share a little about your family. Where do you currently work and in what role?

I was adopted from Seattle, grew up in Port Orchard, and went to school at South Kitsap High (Go Wolves!). At twenty-one I moved to Los Angeles and started working as an accounting and financial recruiter and eventually become an executive and then partner with another company. I was an atheist from around fifteen on but met my wife at a night club in LA, quickly fell in love, and became a Christian. My wife, Grace, had a son, Michael, who was twelve when I met her. I was thankful to become a father and three months after we married she was pregnant with our daughter, Madison. After moving to San Diego to run a region for our company, I eventually opened my own firm. It was during those years living in San Diego that my faith grew and I began serving at our church and eventually sensed God’s calling to plant a church and go into vocational ministry. After ten years planting churches, we sensed God’s calling to move to Seattle and did so in April of 2011 as the lead pastor of Mars Hill West Seattle. It was in January of 2015 our church officially became Trinity West Seattle and I have the privilege of serving as lead pastor here.

How/When did Jesus change your life?

I hated the God that didn’t exist from early in my teen years. It was stunning to me that I would think the cross was foolish, and Christianity was a crutch to the insecure, only to watch God, by His grace and Spirit, warm my heart to Christ. It was over a three year span that I moved from atheist to agnosticism and eventually became a Christian theist. However, it was only intellectual until we started attending a Calvary Chapel church in Mission Valley when God’s Word was opened. Jesus laid claim on me from His Word and I sensed the Spirit change both my understanding of Jesus as well as my affections and desires.

How/When did you come to Trinity?

I came to lead Mars Hill West Seattle in 2011 and helped transition our church into an independent church in 2015.

What ministries are you involved in at Trinity? Why do you serve in those ministries?

As lead pastor, I have the honor of preaching God’s Word often. I’m also privileged to lead our staff, teach classes, and be involved in helping to serve the missional and theological efforts of Trinity.

What evidences of God’s grace have you seen in your life and at Trinity this past year?

More and more I’m coming to understand just how stunning the good news of God’s Kingdom is, and just how much God loves me and intends to transform me into the image of His Son. This is usually through challenges and difficulties, and this year I’ve seen my need for God’s grace in ways I didn’t previously understand.

What have you been learning about this past year? What have you been reading or listening to?

I’ve been immersed in the Gospel of Mark and captivated by the person of Jesus. I’ve probably gained the most, personally, from preaching Mark than I have any other book. I’ve also been reading quite a bit of Abraham Kuyper, and have been unpacking books on wisdom and leadership.

What are some of your favorite things?

I love to read theology and philosophy. I’m a bit of a news junkie. I really dig going to movies. We love being a part of our Community Group. I also enjoy competitive Jiu-Jitsu with my Gracie Barra team. But truthfully, nothing compares to being with my family. As my kids get older (34 & 20) and life gets busier, I cherish their presence more and more.

How are you hoping to grow and mature as a discipleship of Jesus this coming year?

I’m less and less impressed with myself and more and more care very little for proving myself. This is such a grace for someone who grew up working for and seeking approval through accomplishments. It seems God is teaching me to live in my own skin and seek to be a more sanctified version of myself.