Sabbatical FAQ

What is a Sabbatical?

A sabbatical is an extended period of rest, rejuventation, reflection, and reconnection with God and with family.

Why is Pastor David going on Sabbatical?

There is no crisis in Pastor David’s life that is necessitating this sabbatical; instead, we are making a proactive, long-term investment in the health and vitality of Pastor David and his family. We want the next ten years of Pastor David’s life and ministry at Trinity to be fruitful and life-giving.

This sabbatical will also provide an opportunity for Pastor David to reflect on and process through his time at Mars Hill and the transition to launching Trinity. This will include Pastor David and Grace spending a week with Judy Dabler to receive biblical counsel and care.

How long will Pastor David be on Sabbatical?

From May 17 until August 27, 2018.

What will Pastor David be doing on Sabbatical?

Pastor David will spend time resting and being with his family, including some travel together. Pastor David and his family will be visiting other churches in the area, so you won’t likely see them on Sundays during his sabbatical.

Is Pastor David coming back after his Sabbatical?

Absolutely! Pastor David has no intention of leaving Trinity; instead, he is taking this time to prepare for the next ten years of ministry at Trinity.

What is the plan while Pastor David is gone?

The other elders and some guest preachers will be preaching through Exodus over the summer. Other than that, much of what you see and experience will remain the same. The other elders, our team of deacons, and our Community Group Leaders are available to answer questions and address needs as they arise.

Can I contact Pastor David while he is away?

Rather than reaching out to Pastor David directly via email, phone, or social media, we would ask that you write letters of encouragement to Pastor David and give those letters to one of the other elders, who will make sure Pastor David receives them during or after his sabbatical. If you have any specific questions about how Pastor David is doing, you can ask Pastor Buzz, who will be serving as Pastor David’s “sabbatical coach,” which will include Pastor Buzz and his wife, Lisa, checking in with Pastor David and Grace every two weeks during his sabbatical.

We would also encourage you to commit to praying for Pastor David and his family during this time.

The elders of Trinity West Seattle want to thank Pastor David for his faithful service these past seven years, and thank his family for loving and supporting him, so that he can do the work of ministry that God has called him to. We are grateful for the gifts that God has given Pastor David, and the generous and creative ways he uses those gifts to bless the people of Trinity and our city. We pray that this sabbatical would be a blessing to Pastor David and his family.