Update from Latvia

Tomass, Karlis, along with our friends and family from Majvieta Church want to thank Trinity West Seattle for our support in their recent renovation project. They describe it as a crazy idea of providing good, comfortable overnight accommodations in their existing rundown rooms. Plans needed to be drawn up, approved and then funds raised. And with all this, good oversight was needed (thank you, Tomass) to assure that this crazy dream would become a finished product.

The dream is now a reality and the result is very impressive: a remodeled conference room, an office space and three very nice guest rooms, which can accommodate up to seven people at a time.

One curious twist in all this is that from the beginning, Tomass wanted an office space for rental to create additional income for the church. But he had a specific type of tenant in mind. He could picture a small IT business wanting something like that. As the project progressed toward completion, the hope for any type of renter was a priority and prayer.

About a month ago a gentleman came to their Sunday service. After the service he asked about office space they may have available for rental (Majvieta hadn’t yet gone public with rental information). Tomass describes what happened next: “So, we show him the space and he loved it! He got super excited and was ready to sign a contract right away. He will be using the space starting in August. At the end I asked him: ‘What do you do?’ To which he replies: ‘Oh, I run a small IT company’…This guy has also started to come to our church services.”

One more unexpected blessing also happened. As they were nearing completion of the project, they were running low on funds and still hadn’t purchased any of the guest room furniture. Tomass, in preparing to be a guest speaker at a camp this summer, met with the camp organizer. At the conclusion of their meeting and out of the blue, the gentleman told Tomass that if Majvieta ever needed anything to let him know. Tomass mentioned the need for furniture. No more discussion needed; their guest room furniture was donated! They are now accepting rental guests and already have several bookings.

Thank you for the ways you continue to pray and provide financial support for the team at Majvieta Church. We will continue to provide updates about the work God is doing in Riga through this church, as well as information about upcoming trips and opportunities.