Introducing Matt Beckler

Matt with his wife Tiffany and son, Charlie Nash.

We are so excited to welcome our new worship leader Matt Beckler. Hopefully, you got to see us welcome him this past Sunday. He will be leading worship starting on Good Friday. We’re sure you’re interested to learn more about him! Here’s a Q&A we did to find out more:)

Q: Where did you grow up?
A: I was born in Chicago, and grew up in the suburban town of McHenry, IL.
Q: Where did you go to school and what did you study?
A: After high school, I moved to Virginia to attend Liberty University. I was there for 3 years and my studies were primarily focused in the areas of theology and religion. Many years later, I went back to school to study music at Wisconsin Lutheran College in Milwaukee.
Q: Share a little bit about your family.
A: I have been married to my beautiful wife, Tiffany, for 12 years.
She is creative and funny, and her love for people flows from her love for Jesus. Together, we have one son, who is 15 months old. His name is Charlie Nash, and he is a wild man.
Q: How/When did Jesus change your life?
A: Many years ago, I was attending a small church in Nashville and sitting under the teaching of a group of young pastors who were passionate about the Gospel. Up until that point, I would have claimed to be a follower of Jesus. In the mystery of it all, maybe I was. I can’t be certain. But I do know, that one weekend, about 10 years ago, I understood the reality of my sin nature, and my need for a Savior. It wasn’t a religious experience, but a supernatural illumination. Since that point–though I am still very much a sinner–things have drastically changed in my heart and life.
Q: What evidences of God’s grace have you seen in your life this past year?
A: In many ways, 2018 was the hardest, yet most beautiful and joyous year for my family. I found out that I was losing my job the same month that my son was born. That was a crazy mix of emotions! In all of it, I tangibly saw God’s faithfulness poured out on my family. I saw it through the people that came around us and loved us. I saw it through my son. Overnight, I was supernaturally given a father’s heart. I definitely was given more of a glimpse and understanding of the Father’s heart for His people.
Q: What have you been learning about this year?
A: the incredible grace of God
Q: What have you been reading or listening to?
A: I just finished the new Jeff Tweedy autobiography, which was insightful for a fan such as me. I’ve been re-reading The Sovereignty of God by A.W. Pink and it once again is kicking my behind. I’m also just about to dig into a book that my Dad gave me. It was written by one of my favorite Puritan writers, Thomas Watson, and is titled All Things for Good. I’m also working my way through Romans.
As far as listening goes,
I’ll give you a short and sweet list:

1. Joan Shelley/Joan Shelly
I love this album. Great bit of classic songwriting.
2. Beak/Beak(2018)
3. Jeff Tweedy/Warm
4. Liz Vice/Save Me
5. Passages from the Cuca Gospel/(Numero Group)
6. Thom Yorke/Suspiria (Music for the Luca Guadagnino Film)
7. DIIV/Is the Is Are
8. Sharon Van Etten/ Remind me Tomorrow
9. Julian Lage/Modern Lore
10. The Gloaming/The Gloaming 3

Q: What are some of your favorite things?

1. A day with my wife and son and no set agenda
2. Music
3. Any rhythmic instrument
4. Vinyl record hunting
5. BBQ
6. Great Coffee
7. Enjoying good food around a table with my family/friends

Q: How are you hoping to grow and mature as as disciple of Jesus this coming year?
A: I want to be more of a God worshiper in all that I do. I want grace to flow from my life as a result of a deeper relationship with Christ. I want my private worship of God to be the thing that drives me everyday.