Welcoming Our New Communications Director: Michelle Read

Hi Everyone! It’s a little strange to be writing a blog post introducing myself, since I’m used to writing them about other people and topics. So, I’ll just jump in and say I feel very thankful and excited about working as the Communications Director for Trinity. 

One of my favorite characteristics about God is his creativity. Once your eyes have been opened to his ability to bring new life or transform the old, your expectations for what can happen in your life are never the same. 

My husband Quincy and I moved to Seattle two years ago from the Chicago suburbs. I was teaching high school English, which was the most rewarding but also demanding job I’ve ever had. I still miss my students dearly even two years later, and that was one of the hardest things about leaving Illinois. I was very torn about whether we should move or not, but God made it clear that it was time. One of my other favorite things about God is that He communicates with me through clouds and podcasts. It was only in the last few years that I learned God communicated with the ancient Israelites through clouds and let’s just say that shook my soul. It was through these things that He showed me it was time to head to the mountains. 

Shortly after we arrived in Seattle, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Being under 30, this was not what I expected whatsoever. And so instead of continuing teaching, I went on a 2-year healthy living journey. That is a story for another for another time, but if you ever want to chat about health (especially delicious and healthy food) email me or message me on social media! 

We found Trinity about a year ago (through a Buddhist friend no less, who works at Kamei sushi) and at our first service there were mountains on the stage, the sermon was about God leading the ancient Israelites, and we met Debbie Blagovich at the connect desk. We knew this was the church for us! We’re still in Dan and Debbie’s community group to this day.

This past January, I finally had healed enough that I was feeling ready to go back to work. I had been praying and exploring a lot of interests during my time off, and grieving the loss of being a teacher. I had no idea what my work could look like and how I would be able to share my gifts with my limited energy and health. 

But God. 

In February of this year, the Holy Spirit spoke to me very strongly that I should ask Trinity if they needed help with interior design and managing their social media accounts. Interior design and Instagram were two passions that were allowed to grow during my health journey. I was still hesitant to reach out to the church though… I mean, interior design work? How specific and random that the church might need that, right?

But God. 

As it turns out, Trinity was in need of help with both. I wasn’t sure how much work I would be able to sustain as I was just getting some energy back, so I started out volunteering and the whole staff was incredibly welcoming and supportive. I haven’t always received a lot of grace in the work place or in my schooling, and working with these Christ-centered folk has been so healing emotionally and spiritually for me. 

Through God’s grace, my health continued to improve and the church offered me the position as Communications Director, including continuing the interior refresh project, so I came on staff officially in June. 

I’m going to be really honest: I was nervous about being introduced to the whole church, so I put off this introduction until now. It felt a lot easier to keep working “behind the scenes,” and speaking in front of a whole congregation is a lot scarier than in front of thirty 15-year-olds. But God said this was the time to do it, and I am really excited to get to know so much more of the congregation now. 

I know our culture and community are often in information and schedule overload, and I hope I can help with that. I’d like to make learning about what’s going at church as easy as possible. I hope I can be a part of helping our community stay unified and feel like we are working together to build God’s Kingdom here. And lastly, I hope I can help make both our social media and the physical space of the church as welcoming and inviting as possible for newcomers who arrive at Trinity, so that these spaces reflect the hearts of all the wonderful people who go here. 

I am so thankful to our creative and loving Father for bringing me here to work at Trinity—in a role I never would have expected and sharing gifts I didn’t know I had. 

In Christ,