Men’s Bible Study Fellowship

Do you struggle to get into God’s Word daily? 

If you’ve been around a Bible-teaching church like Trinity for any length of time I’m sure you’ve heard of our need to get into the practice of engaging with God’s Word daily, but do you do it? Do you even want to? 

Well, here’s the deal. Relationships are based on trust and built through time spent together, working through the hard things and the joyous things in life. God chooses to reveal Himself to us primarily through His Word and when we choose not to meet Him there, we’re choosing a much harder path for building our relationship with Him. Often we’re choosing to figure out life without knowing the one who created us, who loves us and has chosen us to be His precious children.

For me, Bible Study Fellowship has been the way God has immersed me in His word, drawn me into a desire to know Him and has made Himself real and relevant in my life. And that relationship drives my passion to share God’s word with others. 

Most people come to BSF through an invitation. My wife had encouraged me to attend for several years but it took a man in my congregation who called up and made a personal invitation to get me to come. It’s a bit less personal, but I’d like to invite the men of Trinity to join us for the study of Acts.

You can expect to encounter God through your personal study of His Word, to have your perspectives enlarged through a Spirit led discussion with other men who are on the same journey, and to be challenged to apply what He has revealed in your daily life.  

I am very excited to partner with you to make BSF more available to the men of Trinity and I’m even more excited to see what He will do in and through you as you prayerfully engage in building your relationship with Him through the study of His Word.

–Craig Chamberlain


To register for BSF click HERE