Who are we?

Trinity West Seattle seeks to make God’s presence known in everything; in suffering, in joy, at work, at home, in our relationships and in our individual lives. We are a church committed to the ancient Christian faith, looking forward to God’s future promises, while living in the power of God’s Spirit and Word in our present moment.

We are a non-denominational church formally and relationally connected to the Acts 29 Network, as well as a number of churches through the West Seattle Church Collective, Saturate the Sound, and Union Gospel Mission. Our Church is a diverse, multi-generational, family of disciples who have tasted the grace of God and live to share it with others.

We gather on Sunday to worship through singing, giving, serving, preaching, and the nourishment of communion each week, then we scatter throughout the week in dozens of homes throughout our city as community groups. We believe the good news of Jesus is not only personal, but it is communal and pervasive. Therefore, we seek to live as a family of our Father, serve as disciples of the Son, and give witness to the Kingdom in the power of the Spirit in our workplaces, neighborhoods and families.